Case Study

Corfe Mullen Dementia Friendly Community

The context to this case study was a rural, village setting on the edge of a large conurbation that appears to lack any form of community cohesiveness and connectiveness.

This particular project began with the creation of a small working group of interested people. These people were originally gathered as they had common interests and goals. In time this group provided both accountability and collective support to check out the direction of travel of the project.

After this stage members of the community were invited to a larger meeting in order to elicit feedback as well as deepening the listening process (the Engaging Phase).

The next step then was to begin to introduce initiatives emerging from the consensus that were relevant to the identified needs of the marginlised group within the community.

The next stage was to agree the process of listening (the Listening Phase) and how this should be undertaken. It was agreed to develop and deliver a questionnaire to local businesses and shops in the community. The purpose of this was to inform the listening process and acquire some feedback and direction from the community as to its needs.  From this it was hoped to identify a possible way forward with the concept of developing a compassionate community.

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